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You didn't purchase your dream bike so that it could fit or function "ok". You took your time making an informed decision and spent a significant amount of money so that you could have the experience you envisioned every time you ride your bike. Whether that experience is one of speed or sightseeing, effort or exhilaration, it does not include squealing brakes, missed shifts or physical discomfort.

Bikes and bodies are complex machines that require regular care, maintenance, and occasional repair in order to function optimally. 

I am here to answer questions, offer advice, and assist you and your bike in any way way you need. Call or email to set up an appointment, or come to the shop for a conversation over coffee and we'll come up with a plan to keep you and your bike working harmoniously.

Repair Services

Bike Wash

Includes full degreasing & washing of drivetrain, frame, wheels & cockpit. I'll lube your chain and get the bike mostly dried off too.


Race Prep

Same as Pro Tune, but without the wash.


Pro Tune

Includes bike wash, shifting and braking adjustments, minor wheel truing, checking of all bolts and bearings, lubing of chain, checking for wear on all components, and consultation regarding future needs and beneficial upgrades. Parts and additional labor not included.


Comprehensive Overhaul

Bike is entirely disassembled and each element is meticulously inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced as needed, properly lubricated, and reassembled. Includes new cables, housing, brake bleed and bar tape. Other parts not included.


A la carte

This is a very complicated case, Maude. You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous. And, uh, a lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands in old Duder's head.


Pricing varies by time and complexity; discounts available for patience and politeness.

Expedited Labor

Your bike broke the day before a race or a date or a race-date or something else important because of course it did and it's very upsetting. I'm upset too. I want you to race or date or race-date tomorrow and I want you to win and post photos on Instagram, I truly do. I also want to spend time with my family and I need to sleep and eat and I'd even like to find an hour to ride my own bike as well. I will do my absolute best to save your day, but if it means I have to push back someone else's already-scheduled repair or work until midnight and buy my girlfriend a fancy new hat and take my cat to the circus to make up for the time I missed with them, there will be an additional charge, somewhere in the range of 50-100%. Sometimes I am simply too busy to squeeze in one more repair, even if the guy on YouTube says it's easy and only takes five minutes - that's because he spent a week prepping for that video and he doesn't get interrupted twelve times in the middle of it and has time to do fake repairs for YouTube. With all of that taken into account, I will always do my absolute best to accomodate your needs and be very clear with what I can and cannot acomplish in a given timeframe. Please be patient with me and reasonable with your expectations. Thank you.

Not available on days that I have promised my cat we are going to the circus.

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