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In Velo Veritas provides Basic Fit Services that complement the needs of beginner and recreational cyclists. A Basic Fit includes:

  1. Determining proper saddle height based on leg extension

  2. Determining proper saddle setback based on knee-relative-to-pedal-axle

  3. Observing and correcting ankle-knee-hip alignment and knee path during pedal stroke.

  4. Measuring and adjusting upper body position by adjusting handlebar reach & drop.

  5. Recommendations for areas of focus and improvement - relaxed upper body, circular pedal stroke, breath control, core strengthening, etc.

A Basic Fit costs $150, usually takes about an hour and includes 30 days of follow-up and adjustment. Fits are scheduled outside of shop hours to allow me to focus entirely on the fit without being interrupted by other customers, vendors or phone calls.


All bikes purchased from In Velo Veritas include a complimentary Basic Fit. A Basic Fit can also be credited to any bike purchase within 60 days of the fit. 

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