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Ritte is the rare bike manufacturer that works in multiple materials at exceptional quality and attainable price points. In fact, I can't name another brand that offers road bikes and gravel bikes in titanium, carbon and steel at this level of performance and cost.

The Ace is a carbon training and racing machine that can handle hundred mile training rides and dive-bombing crit corners with equal aplomb, finally available in a disc brake version this summer.

The Phantom is a road bike in the purest sense, a steel steed that soaks up uneven road surfaces and shoots forward with each pedal stroke, evoking the classic Italian bikes of yesteryear, but adding modern geometry and forward compatibility.

The Satyr is a gravel-biker's gravel bike with all the options. 650B or 700? 1X or 2X? Whatever you need to ride your roads and trails your way, the Satyr can accommodate it with ease, grace and grit.

And the flagship Satyr Titanium takes the Satyr and adds a level of sophistication and refinement that only titanium can provide.

These are rare and wonderful bikes and we are thrilled to be able to bring them to Sacramento.

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